Confraternity of Our Lady of La Leche

What is the Mission of the Confraternity?

First, for its members who are living in the world as they strive for Christian perfection, and in that journey to increase in knowledge and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in that way grow closer to our Savior Jesus Christ (to Jesus through Mary).  Second, to spread this particular and unique devotion of Our Lady of La Leche among the faithful; the ultimate goal for all is eternal life in Heaven with Jesus. In short, to grow in personal holiness, with an emphasis on a strong prayer life and participation in the Confraternity in the Diocese of St. Augustine while serving to evangelize through the candidate’s home parish.   

How to Become a Confraternity Member:

The Confraternity of Our Lady of La Leche was reestablished on these shores (after 450 years) on August 22nd, 2019, by Bishop Felipe Estévez, here in the Diocese of St. Augustine.

The faithful who are in full communion with the Catholic Church and desire to share the Confraternity’s goals and regulations, may apply to the Confraternity for membership by completing the form provided below.  

Candidates are required to participate in a 6 month preparation process which includes a monthly presentation on the following topics: 4 Marian Dogmas, Marian Devotion and Consecration and the history of Catholicism in St. Augustine.  Each candidate is expected to meet with the Rector of the Shrine to be considered for admittance to the Confraternity.

Confraternity Membership Inquiry Form

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