Shrine Campaign

“To Christ, Through Mary”

Building on a long legacy as the most sacred and historic site in the entire United States, we are embarking on an ambitious and transformative project, focused on providing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate our visitors and pilgrims, to address damage done by recent hurricanes, and build national recognition for the growing devotion to Our Lady of La Leche.

Thousands of pilgrims and guests from around the world make their way to the Mission & Shrine every year.  As our present day visitors walk through the historic grounds at the Mission they retrace the steps of St. Augustine’s founding fathers who were greeted by the Timucuan over 450 years ago.

As stewards of this beautiful legacy, we invite you to read about our plans to restore and preserve the property, and to protect its sacredness.

For more information, please contact Michael Hoffman, Director of Development & Stewardship, (904) 262-3200 ext 126 or send email to [email protected] 

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Click below to download a list of frequently asked questions about the Shrine Vision Campaign and what to expect on future projects.

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