Pilgrimages & Retreats

From the 1930s to the early 1960s, large numbers of clergy, religious and laity made their way to the Mission Nombre de Dios and the, now, Our Lady of La Leche National Shrine. Pilgrimages are once again coming to be viewed as important sources of inspiration, community prayer and devotion. St. Pope John Paul II invited and encouraged pilgrimages to designated shrines during the Jubilee Year of 2000. Our Lady of La Leche National Shrine is one such shrine.

In an age fraught with escalating mobility, the need for pilgrimage is more critical and relevant than ever.  Pilgrimage permits us to step off the rollercoaster of everyday life, listen intently to the Word of God, and reverently share in the Eucharist. Pilgrimage to Our Lady of La Leche National Shrine at Mission Nombre de Dios, allows us to be in touch with some of the earliest history of the Church of Florida.

As the site of the first Catholic parish mass, the first Marian shrine and the founding of St. Augustine, the oldest city, all in the United States, Our Lady of La Leche National Shrine at Mission Nombre de Dios provides a great opportunity for spiritual growth.

Let us host your pilgrimage or retreat! Complete the form below and our pilgrimage coordinator will be in contact with you shortly. If you have any questions, contact Sister Christine Hernandez, STCJM, at sr.christine@missionandshrine.org


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