Book: Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children


Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children Book.  Food Celebrations with the Saints for Home and School

ISBN: 1490485325

by Colleen Rooney

Illustrated by Kathleen Woodburn

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Are you looking for a warm, inspiring book for Christmas for yourself or as a gift? Look no further! Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children offers warmth and inspiration and much more. It introduces your children to traditions and customs drawn from many cultures as they prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Parents and teachers will find a new resource to expand their children’s understanding and enjoyment of the Advent and Christmas seasons. It contains background information on the Christian calendar, its seasons and special feast days, along with recipes drawn from Catholic cultural traditions. There are prayers, poems, and illustrations that warm the heart and remind us to take time to prepare, celebrate, and then savor the beauty of Christmas with our children. Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children make this a book that will outlast the Advent and Christmas season.

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