Brown Woven Scapular 1 3/4″x2″


The scapular is not a lucky charm; it is not a rabbit’s foot, horseshoe or magic lamp. Rather it becomes a sign of our salvation if we draw close to the Mother of God, open our hearts to the special heavenly graces that she offers and give ourselves to her protection from earthly sin and temptation. “From the moment we receive it, Mary has never ceased to follow us with her maternal gaze, to safeguard within us the life of grace. Each time we are converted and return to God or rise again after falling into sin — be it great or small — each time we increase in grace, all, everything, is effected through Mary’s mediation. The scapular, the little habit, that Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers us, is only the external symbol of her unceasing, maternal care: the symbol but also the sign, the pledge of salvation.… The Blessed Virgin gives the assurance of the supreme grace of final perseverance to all who wear worthily her little habit.” (See “Divine Intimacy,” by Father P. Gabriele of St Mary Magdalene, O.C.D., English translation from seventh Italian edition, 1996, Tan Books.)

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Brown Woven Scapular, 1 3/4 in. X 2 in., by W. J. Hirten.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
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