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National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche #iGiveCatholic 2023

Since the landing site of the early pilgrims, we know you continue to come to visit. Right now, we need help in specific key areas to make your visit more pleasant for all pilgrims. On November 28th, 2023, we are raising money to support key areas for #IGIVECATHOLIC! Please help with the operating expenses of maintaining the beauty and history of the twenty-seven acres, while bringing peace to countless people of faith since September 8th, 1565.

  1. One main site at the National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche is the Great Cross which is a beacon of light to all. We see pilgrims visit the 208-foot cross from dusk to dawn! Would you help give money towards our electricity bill for the Great Cross?
  2. After a hurricane, tropical storm, or king tide, we get severe damage to our twenty-seven acres. Our mighty maintenance team works diligently with storm clean up and putting the place back together for pilgrims and events. Money to support addressing storm damage, the beauty of trees and mulch back on the grounds. Would you help contribute toward storm clean-up costs?
  3. When we walk the sacred acre and other parts of our twenty-seven acres, it is nice to see fresh flowers! We have a wide spectrum of pilgrims that roam our grounds. Pilgrims come here out of curiosity of the cross and history, others are here to worship, even more are here to ask for intercession and prayer. Would you help us keep our planters fresh with flowers at the Main Shrine Church, Historic Chapel, Rustic Altar and at the Pilgrim Center?
  4. The maintenance crew uses the utility vehicle non-stop. Would you help us with repairs of the vehicle?

If you are not able to give, please consider praying for the success of our #igivecatholic request and to our Lady of La Leche for her intercessions.  Thank you for visiting our #igivecatholic page!

For more information about what we can offer to you and your family, your parish and community, go to missionandshrine.org.  Please visit us often!

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